Front End Engineering June 2015

Monday August 17, 2015


  • Ember Questions
  • Component/Route Review
  • ES6 Modules, Fat Arrow, and Template Strings
  • Ember Data


Ember Questions

  • Firebase? -
    • TLDR; Firebase is an API Server as a Service (PaaS)
  • Mixins - We will cover this Wednesday
  • Ember vs Backbone (scope and jobs)
    • Scope, stability, conventions
  • Builds - We will cover this Thursday
    • TLDR; A build is a one time run of your build, ember serve rebuilds after every file change.
  • Environments - We will cover this Thursday
    • TLDR; there are small changes that you will want to make between different versions of your app (testing, production, etc)
  • Controllers - We will cover this Next Week
    • TLDR; Controllers allow you to manage data and state for a single route AFTER it has been loaded
  • Helpers - We will cover this Wednesday
    • TLDR; Ember uses handlebars helpers to modify how you display data from your template to your user
  • Actions & Bubbling - We will cover this Wednesday
    • TLDR; Components kind of disable bubbling and put it back in your control, but there is an older convention that we will talk about
  • modelFor vs other methods - We will cover this Today
    • TLDR; Passing around data is hard, there are better conventions for this
  • Block vs Inline components - link-to
    • TLDR; Components allow you to modify the contents of themselves, but link-to is flexible and allows you to either create it as an inline component or a component block
    {{link-to "Salary" "finance" model}}

    {{!-- Is the same as --}}
    {{#link-to "finance" model}}Salary{{/link-to}}
  • homeRoute - We will cover this on Friday
    • This is an option for Ember CLI Materialize to modify the link in the main navigation.
  • initProperties
  • Models and Collections - We will cover this... TODAY!!!
  • Controllers? - We will cover this next week
  • Testing? - We will cover this next week

Component & Routes

  • Routes do what?
    • Setup data
    • Actions that are specific to JUST THAT ROUTE (actions that aren't reusable)
  • Components
    • Morph data for a specific usecase (map and reduce, filter, etc)
    • Only can work with data sent to them
    • Actions that are reusable or need to tweak user input before passing on responsibility

ES6 Syntax

  • Modules
  • Fat Arrow
    • No more _this
    • Shorter syntax
    • Less questions about 'what does this mean'?
  • Template Strings
    • Back Tick vs quotes
    • Pull in JS with ${_}
    • example var x = ``${firstName} ${lastName}``;

Ember Data


  • Content Security Policy
  • What are All These Files!!!? Navigating an Ember-CLI Project
  • Life Cycle of an Ember Data Model