Front End Engineering June 2015

Monday August 10, 2015



  • Routing
  • Filtering
  • Following instructions
  • url vs urlRoot
  • "slightly similar" & "lots of files"
  • term review


Repetition, Patterns, and Marionette

Events and Fetch

Terms to Know

  • Model - Stores properties for a single "record" that needs to be synced with the server or other data source
    • Useful methods: set, get, save, destroy, fetch
  • Collection - Container for working with multiple models, useful for sorting, filtering, fetching all (or mulitple) models from the server.
    • Useful methods: fetch, get, add, find, findWhere, filter
  • View - DOM representation of underlying data: responsible for rendering and user events/interactions (clicks, submits, etc)
    • Useful methods: $, remove
    • Useful properties: initialize, $el, template, render, events
  • Router - Responsible for hooking up data into views and translating the URL/Address Bar into an "Application State" (what the user should see based on the URL).
    • Useful methods: navigate
    • Useful properties: routes