Front End Engineering June 2015

Wednesday July 8

Today we started looking at using broccoli.js as a build tool and pipeline in our projects. We introduced Live Reload and SASS as ways to help speed up and make our development process a bit more sane.


  • NPM
    • Global Packages
    • Project Init & package.json
    • Installing Dependencies
    • Versions
  • Broccoli
    • Installing CLI
    • Installing Local Broccoli
    • Basics
    • Builds
    • Merge Trees
    • Broccoli Server
    • Live Reload
  • SASS
    • Imports
    • Third Party Libraries
    • Syntax
    • Nesting
    • Variables & Defaults
    • Color Functions
    • Broccoli-Sass


Today in lab we worked on our homework assignment and we also installed (or made sure we had installed) the following Sublime Text packages with Package Manager:

  • SCSS
  • Sass
  • ColorPicker


Today I assigned the following: