Front End Engineering June 2015

Wednesday Aug 5, 2015

Backbone In Depth

  • Sometimes it's unclear why some things are capitalized and others are not.
  • We HAVE to create an instance of the component before we can use it
  • Still not sure what _.extend does
    • Pull up in annotated source
    • Build two objects on the white board
    • Pretend to do _.extend
  • Is there anything in Backbone that 'replaces' jQuery / JavaScript?
    • No, Backbone USES jQuery
  • As far as JS is concerned all Jquery, underscore, backbone and other tools are just there to make JS function better and more user friendly?
  • How often is Backbone used in the "real world"? -
  • Model vs Collection vs View
  • Glue Code...?
  • Scoping Queries and efficiency
    • $ vs $el
  • Not sure what this REST/RESTful API stuff means
    • What is REST?
    • Is REST part of AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • Does backbone just provide a streamlined way to pull, modify, add, and remove data?
  • What is a promise object? (.then)


Objects and Instances

Backbone Fundamentals