Front End Engineering June 2015

Homework Preflight Checklist

When starting on new homework assignments things can get a bit tough. These notes will not tell you the exact commands that you will need to run, but it will at least list out the different steps so you know what you are missing.

  1. Create a new issue in the class assignments repo
    • Create todos for all listed requirements
  2. Create a new directory for the day's assignment
  3. Make sure that your shell is in the newly created folder
  4. Initialize a new git repo in the assignment directory
  5. Create boiler plate files needed for the assignment
  6. Stage boilerplate files
  7. Commit boilerplate files
  8. Create repository on Github - hub create
  9. Push local git repo with boilerplate to new Github (should be your master branch) - git push -u origin master
  10. Create and checkout new develop branch for new changes on top of the existing boilerplate - git checkout -b develop
  11. Get to your first stopping point
  12. Stage and commit changes to develop
  13. Push develop branch to Github - git push -u origin master
  14. Make a new Pull Request from develop to master on your Github repository

Remember to update your todo checkboxes in your issue so that I can track your progress and see where we may have some things to work on for the next day! Ever time you finish a todo, you should commit and push your changes. If you have questions, reach out to me on slack.