Front End Engineering June 2015

Learning The Basics: Git

When working on projects over a log period of time and a bunch of changes, it is super helpful to be able to record and track changes along the way. Git is a tool that allows us to track these changes (think of it like MS Word revisions for your whole project). We will also be using git for our working in teams, trying new features, and it will be used to turn in and all of your assignments through the course.

To get started with git, you will need to cover these resources:


Github is a hosting and collaboration tool for working with git repositories. You will need to be very comfortable with Github since all of our assignments will be assigned and delivered through this service. To be ready for the first class:

  • Sign up for a GitHub account at ([]
  • Set up your profile with First and Last name as well as a profile picture: this will help me learn your names faster and as we finish the course your Github profile and projects will be extremely useful when looking for a job.
  • Email me with the username you choose so that I can add you to the class organization