Monday April 11

Interruptions & Events

  • 1 on 1 scheduling

Motivation Monday!!!

Daily JS

Write a function replace that takes two arguments: an array and an item with an id property. Using reduce, return a new array where the item with a matching id to the passed in item is replaced with the new version.


  • arr: [{id: 1, name: `Homer`}, {id: 20, name: `Ned`}, {id: 15, name: `Marge`}]
  • item: {id: 20, name: `Maude`} Result of replace(arr, item)
  • [{id: 1, name: `Homer`}, {id: 20, name: `Maude`}, {id: 15, name: `Marge`}]
function replace(arr, item) {
  return arr.reduce()


  • Review Jumping in to Ember projects
    • Route Definitions
    • Outlets
  • Services
  • Store Reducer
  • Loading States



These are long!!! Use them wisely! Maybe check in the code, see what you want explaination about and scrub the video to find when we wrote that!


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