Monday April 4

Interruptions & Events

  • 12:00 Advisory Board


  • What is going well?
  • What is not going well (what are you struggling with)?
  • What's something you'd like to share not about code?
  • What's something you've learned

Common Wins

  • Reviewing Views helped
  • Catching up on some assignments
  • Repetition builds confidence

Wax On

Common Struggles

  • Still fuzzy on constructor arguments
  • Event Listeners
  • How to keep up with stuff we've learned in the past?
  • Refreshing data locally


  • Intro to Ember CLI
  • Application Route & Template (Simpsons family list)
  • Handlebars Helpers (Calculate ºF)
  • Components (Toggle ºC ºF)
    • Actions
      • Basic Forms

Let's create a weather app that searches for data and then




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