Prework - Level 2 - 11+ Hours

IMPORTANT: If you are looking for the June 2016 prework, it has been moved here!

Command Line - 2-3 Hours

In lesson 1 you started learning a bit about the command line. Now it's time to learn some more about the command line and how to navigate around. To learn more, work through the CodeCademy Command Line course:

HTML & CSS - 2-3 Hours

In lesson 1 you started workin on the CodeCademy course for HTML & CSS. This will continue to be the foundation of your time as a Front End Engineer. To continue learning HTML & CSS finish the CodeCademy course for HTML & CSS:

Javascript - 7+ Hours

You have started learning some Javascript and have worked through some of the basics. Now you are ready to learn a bit more of the basics by completing the CodeCademy JS course:

Git - 1-2 Hours

You have started to get used to git, now you need to get used to some more of the available commands. Start by reading from the official git documentation Chapter 2:

Typing - ~10 Mins Per Day

Typing standard articles and prose is very different from code and things do tend to flow a bit different. In Level 1 you started to enforce touch typing, now put those skills to use by getting used to typing code. Using the free plan on practice some of the Javascript lessons:

The first jQuery lesson has a lot of Regular Expressions which will likely seem different to you.

Github - 20 Mins

Github is important to understand and we'll be using it to turn in assignments. So let's get started by turning in your first assignment. But, before you get started, check out this video from github on how to create new issues: NOTE Some of the UI for filtering has moved from the left hand side to above the issues list but most of the issue creation process has been left the same.

Go to the assignment repo for this class and do the following:

In your issue, include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Github Username
  • Answers to the below questions:

  • What difficulties do you predict that you will encounter during our course? How have you reacted to similar situations in the past? How do you plan on reacting to these situations during the class?

  • Which part of the prework did you like the MOST? Which part of the prework did you like the LEAST? If you found any of the prework confusing, please explain.

Notice that Github uses a note taking language called Markdown that compiles into HTML (it's actually the same format I use to make this Gitbook too). You should read up on these two articles from Team Treehouse and Github and use some markdown formatting in your issue.

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