Keyboard Shortcuts

General OSX

  • CMD+C - Copy
  • CMD+X - Cut
  • CMD+S - Save
  • CMD+Z - Undo
  • CMD+SHIFT+Z - Redo
  • CMD+Shift+S - Save As (Duplicates file)
  • CMD+F - Find
  • CMD+W - Close current tab or window
  • CMD+Q - Close and quit the current application
  • CMD+TAB - Switch between running programs
  • CMD+Tilde - Switch between windows of the current program
  • Ctrl+TAB - Switch between tabs in the current program
  • CMD+SPACE - Open Alfred (allows you to search for applications and files)

Arrow Key Modifiers

  • CMD - (Left) Start of line, (Right) End of line, (Up) Start of file, (Down) End of file
  • Alt - (Left & Right) Jump words, (Up & Down) Nothing
  • Ctrl - (Left & Right) Switch between full screen apps/desktops, (Up) View all apps, (Down) View windows of current app
  • Shift - Select/Highlight text
  • FN - (Left) Start of line, (Right) End of line, (Up) Page up, (Down) Page down

Note The functionality of these modifier keys might vary from application to application depending on how "words" and "lines" are defined.

Atom Editor

  • CMD+P - File Explorer and Fuzzy Search by Name
  • CMD+SHIFT+P - Command Pallete
  • CMD+D - Multiselect based on current word or selection
  • CMD+SHIFT+D - Duplicate line
  • CMD+CTRL+G - Find all in current file
  • CMD+K CMD+B - Show/Hide Sidebar
  • CMD+J - Join next line or selected lines
  • CMD+CTRL+UP, CMD+CTRL+DOWN - Move lines up or down
  • CMD+SHIFT+T - Reopen the last closed tab

Atom Awesomeness!

When working with general commands like copy, paste, duplicate, etc. Atom work with the full line if you do not have any selection set.

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