IMPORTANT: If you are looking for the June 2016 prework, it has been moved here!

IMPORTANT Do your best not to install any developer tools until the install party unless you are directed to in this gitbook (not the provided materials). The closer your Mac is to being a blank slate (at least when it comes to developer tools), the faster the install party will go.

Before we can really get moving, there are some base skills that are needed to keep up with the pace that we have planned for you. Levels 1 & 2 should be completed by install day (Oct 4th) and I highly recommend Levels 3 & 4. Please email me if you have any questions or are having problems completing an assignment and I will be happy to help you.

After completing Level 3, I recommend trying out some of the projects. These will test your ability to make changes to existing HTML and CSS pages to complete a client's needs or in some instances, you will create full pages from scratch.

NOTE Level 4 has much of the same content as Level 3 but is courses from Team Treehouse instead of Codeschool. My preference between the two sites leans toward Codeschool although I realize that they do not offer a free trial. Because of this, if you have an existing membership to Team Treehouse or have a free trial, you may want to try Level 4 before Level 3.

We will start class assuming that everyone has completed these prework assignments, and if you are unable to finish them, you will likely feel like you are far behind.

To complete this prework, you will need to sign up for a few accounts:

  • Codecademy - Always Free
  • Team Treehouse - 14 Day Trial $25/month after
  • Code School - $29/month (you will only need it for prework and then may want to resubscribe after the course)

How Important is Prework?

INCREDBILY important! A lot of coding comfort comes from time working with a language. The more practice you get under your fingers before we even start day one: the more comfortable you will feel and the more that you'll be able to focus on the new material.

Don't just take my word for it! Here is an article from a TIY alum about their thoughts on Prework:

Follow the exercises listed on this prework (I've included a lot of the things listed on the above linked list), but that article might give you an idea of what sort of difference prework will make for your experience!

What Now?

Continue to follow through this chapter of prework and I will see you in class!

NOTE Some of this will be review from what you've already done, don't skip over things! A lot of the videos linked in the prework will have speed options so you can speed them up your second time through. But, reviewing things and having a fresh mind on material will help in the long run.

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