Tuesday July 5


  • What is going well?
  • What is not going well (what are you struggling with)?
  • What's something you'd like to share not about code?
  • What's something you've learned

Common Wins

  • Some small wins when reviewing
  • Weekend

Common Struggles

  • How does the Javascript connect to the HTML and CSS?
  • Hard to visualize tests compared to HTML and CSS
  • Javascript is not going well?


  • Application State - What is it?
  • Application/Init functions
  • Browser fetch


  • [X] How do HTML, CSS, and JS talk to each other
  • [ ] CreateElement
  • [ ] Clearing out Element
  • [X] Troubleshooting and Console Logging
  • [X] What work do you do in a loop
    • Try to use smaller functions within the loop
  • [ ] What to return and when to use return
  • [X] When to use innerHTML
  • [X] When to use document.querySelector
  • [ ] When to use appendChild
  • [X] How do we see the result of our Javascript





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