Common HTML Elements

Parent Elements

Parent Elements exist anywhere in the body tag or within other HTML elements.

  • h1, h2, ... h6 - Headings (Important information)
  • p - Paragraph
  • ol/ul - Lists
    • li - List Item (Only can be children of ol or ul)
  • img - Image
  • pre - Preformatted Text
  • code - Preformatted Code
  • button - Button

Div-like Elements

"Div-like" elements are used to group together HTML elements on the page for semantics or styling.

  • div
  • section
  • header
  • footer
  • nav
  • article
  • main


Modifiers will almost ALWAYS exist within a parent element as they set aside a particular set of plain-text content.

  • a - Anchor tag (Link to other pages)
  • span - Group of text (functionality to be determined by CSS or JS)
  • strong - Defaults to bolded text (shows importance)
  • em - Defaults to italics (shows emphasis)

Table Elements

Table elements should only be used for ACTUAL tabular data and should not be used for layout purposes.

  • table - Sets the outer bounds of the table and its data
  • thead - Groups the head of a table
  • tbody - Groups the core of the tabular data
  • tr - Groups a row of table cells
  • td - Table cell (use th when creating cells inside of thead)

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