Level 3

Most of this level reviews past content using Codeschool. Codeschool adds video along with challenges (some of the videos can be a bit campy). It is my preference for video along with coding challenges for the following materials, but if you do not have a Codeschool account, you can find the same lessons in Level 4 on Team Treehouse (which has a 14 Day Trial). I recommend signing up for a month of Codeschool if you can swing it though since I think it really gives a good bang for your buck and you can cancel once class starts.

If you don't feel like the format of Codeschool is working, try to stick it out until the end of the lesson. If it's still not feeling right, you may want to give the Team Treehouse videos (they almost perfectly match those here) a try.

Codeschool assumes that you have a code editor installed. For now goto atom.io and install Atom editor. You can start working in project mode by going to a folder from the terminal and typing atom . to open the current folder in Atom editor.

Since you've worked on these different skills before, you may want to use the speed option in the video player to work through the courses a bit more quickly.

HTML & CSS - (Codeschool Frontend Foundations) - 2.5-5 Hours

Now you have a decent amount of HTML and CSS under your belt. More practice and a new approach will help you continue on your quest.

Check out the Frontend Foundations course on Codeschool to continue working on HTML & CSS skills along with learning layout. Finish all 5 levels (this requires a subscription).

Javascript - (Codeschool JS Road Trip Part 1) - 1-2 Hours

Chances are that by now, you are starting to get a hang of JS. But, the pattern continues: more practice === more comfort. For this part of your prework, work through the Javascript Road Trip Part 1 (does not require a Codeschool subscription):

Javascript - (Codeschool JS Road Trip Part 2) - 1-3 Hours

Continuing on your journey of Javascript fundamentals, you should start working more with data structures, logic statements, and arrays. To do this, finish the Javascript Road Trip Part 2 (requires a Codeschool subscription):

Javascript - (Codeschool JS Road Trip Part 3) - 2-3 Hours

Continuing on your journey of Javascript fundamentals, you now should review functions and objects. To do this, finish the Javascript Road Trip Part 3 (requires a Codeschool subscription):

Git - (Codeschool Git Real) - 1-3 Hours

So far, you've worked with a bit of git using the Git Basics course and the git docs. Now you should review some commands with git with the Git Real course on Codeschool:

This course will review some of the common commands as well as some best practices for working with Git.

CSS - (Codeschool CSS Cross Country) - 3-5 Hours

So now you've looked at CSS, HTML, and JS fairly in-depth. But, there are some quirks with CSS that you might not be fully aware of until you really dig in. The Codeschool CSS Cross Country course is a more in-depth look at a few of the most common CSS rules and working with them. I think at this point, you know what to do (requires a Codeschool subscription):

Javascript - (Codeschool Try jQuery) - 3-6 Hours

jQuery is a popular Javascript library for working with what the user sees and capturing user interactions. We will be covering this library much more in depth later in the course, but getting a head start will help you. This will also give you more time to get used to Javascript in action. You can find the course here (does not require Codeschool subscription):

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