Level 4

This Level is a repeat of much of the content from Level 3 but with resources from Team Treehouse instead of Codeschool. I recommend working through some of the projects before working through these videos.

HTML & CSS (Treehouse How to Make a Website) - 5-8 Hours

This course of videos and exercises will walk you through creating a website using HTML and CSS. By now much of this will feel like review, but this course has some extra knowledge to add to Codecademy or Codeschool materials.

Javascript (Treehouse JS Basics) - 2-4 Hours

This course covers basic variables, logic, and function expressions. This will work on review from your work on Codecademy and Codeschool.

Javascript (Treehouse jQuery Basics) - 2-5 Hours

This course is a bit more hands on in creating a few different widgets using jQuery. Similar to the jQuery course on Codeschool, this will give you more practical practice with Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

More Review

From here, you are ready to look back over some of the projects. If you still have time, look through the Front End Development Track from Team Treehouse and see if there are any topics you feel like you need to review. At this point, you have made awesome progress to being ready for class.

Also, update your issue from Lesson 2 to let me know how far you got in your prework.

Other Reading

For this class, you may be interested in some learning techniques and how things will be formatted. If you want to know a bit about how the sausage is made and what is going through my mind when planning classes, read Making it Stick.

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